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Get To Know Your Neighbors


View from the park.

Circles and Trees

Check out a map of the area to see where you might want to do some exploring this spring. Click on the link in this note or the picture at the right to see a more detailed map for printing out or enlarging on your screen.
Plan to take walks this spring. Check how the landscaping done in the fall of 201o looks as it begins its first year of growth.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Board Information Posts/Comments

Home Owner Association meeting notes


September 12, 2012
Meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon.  Members present were:  Louis Lemon, Bruce Stephens, Kevin Zubrod, Whitney Bumgarner, Jenny Cyboron, Laura Bell, Barb Green and John Morgan.

The following items were discussed:

Two bids have been received for the position of the treasurer’s duties for the Association.  The bids came from:  Hocking & Reed, LLC and Balanced Bookkeeping & Tax Services .  A motion was made by John and seconded by Bruce to accept the bid from Balanced Bookkeeping & Tax Services.  After some discussion from other members the motion was approved.

The sidewalk issue on Blanchard is handled for now.

Yard Smart seems to be honoring the agreement of their contract.

The baby swing is in and will be installed by the company for $800.00. 

The signs that were purchased and installed near the park to slow down traffic seem to be helping.  

South Pond looks good considering the summer drought.

The association is in need of a volunteer for the position of an incoming President

Jenny and Louis will be working on the Web page and “flowering up” our face book accounts. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Submitted by:  John Morgan


MAY 9, 2012

Meeting was called to order by President Lemon at 7:10 p.m.  Members present were:  Louis Lemon, Bruce Stephens, Kris Deffenbaugh, Whitney Bumgarner, Kevin Zubard (new member) and John Morgan.

There was a discussion concerning the treasurer position for the HOA board.  Whitney will look into some prospects.  Kevin will also see if someone from his work would be interested.  Board members would like a treasurer’s report at each meeting.

Louis will check to see who is responsible for mowing the area around the “catch pond” which is located at 56th and Thompson Creek Boulevard. 

There was a discussion on how to get the information of the covenant changes to the townhome owners.  Louis and John will get this task accomplished.  

Kris will get bids for removing trees in the commons area south of the south pond. 

Bruce will check into spraying for noxious weeds around the north side of the north pond and taking care of the boulder by the culvert of the north pond.  He will report back to Louis.

The picnic table in the park area has a burn spot in the middle of the top.  It needs to be painted due to rusting.  Bruce will investigate solutions to solve this problem.  The board also voted to look into a baby swing for the park.  The liability and the location of the swing were discussed.  The swing will be purchased when those questions are answered.  

Speed signs for slowing the traffic around the park were discussed.  The board members are very concerned about the speeding traffic on Thompson Creek Boulevard.   Whitney will get bids for the speeding signs.  The board wants signs that are sturdy and can handle the weather. 

Louis will make sure the minutes of the board meeting are put on our blog.  

Officers of the HOA Board are as follows:  President:  Louis Lemon; Vice President:  no volunteers; Treasurer:  no volunteers; Secretary:  John Morgan

Next meeting of the board will be July 11th, 7:00 pm at 7550 Greycliff Dr.
Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by:  John Morgan



APRIL 17, 2012

The meeting was held at Trinity United Methodist Church.  The meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon.  42 residents were present. 

Bob Benes, President of Aspen Builders gave a presentation on homes he (and other contractors that he will contact) will be constructing in the Thompson Creek area.  

Barb Green made a motion to accept the 2011 annual homeowners minutes.  It was seconded by Bruce Stephens.  Motion carried.  

Louis discussed his situation as a non- homeowner in the Thompson Creek area.  After discussion in favor of Louis staying on the board, he agreed to remain President.   Laura Bell is stepping down as the Treasurer of the HOA after serving for six years.  The association is looking for new members to serve on the board.  

Laura presented the Thompson Creek Homeowners Association Treasures report.  

The Thompson Creek Home Owners Association has three separate associations which are under our total covenant umbrella. They are:  Thompson Villa Association, Billings Drive Townhome Association, and St Charles Place Home Owners Association.  

The following things have been accomplished in 2011:  

The HOA board has worked with Lincoln Federal and our lawyer to get the townhomes on Greycliff Dr and Kentwell Lane covenants correlated with the rest of the Thompson Creek Homeowners covenants.  The covenants have been amended and changed effective as of April 17, 2012.  One can find all the covenants on our web site which is:
Louis has filed liens on property owners who have not paid their delinquent dues. 

The south pond culvert area has been repaired due to erosion under the street.

The pond area has been cleaned.  This will be an on- going expense to the HOA.

A clean- up day was held in May, 2011

A garage sale was held in June, 2011 which gave more publicity for our association. 

Forty trees have been planted throughout the HOA area.  

Joyce and Jerry Martin have been taking care of the entrance corner to the park with plants, flowers and installed a light.


Communication to the HOA homeowners is   top priority.  The board has passed out flyers, put info on the web site, placed banners in several areas, and used e-mails as well as regular mail to communicate.  Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month (most months).

Louis has written a letter to the Mayor of Lincoln, regarding the traffic at the intersection of Kentwell Lane and Thompson Creek Blvd.  The letter requested a yield sigh to slow the traffic. 
 The Chairperson of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, who lives in the area, also wrote a letter with the same request.  The request was denied due to the fact there is enough view from all directions to see the oncoming traffic.  

The park area will need volunteers to water the plants again this summer.  There was a request for a baby swing in the park and Louis is looking into the liability of this request before something is built.  

The pond area is an ongoing project.  Louis had Olson and Associates come to give suggestions of what is needed to do in the future.  The NRD states that each tree that is removed must be replaced with three trees. The lengthy letter from Olson and Associates had many ideas which were very good, but very expensive.  

Clean- up day is May 5th from 8:45 to 12:00 noon, hopefully the task will be done before noon.  Coffee and pastries will be provided.  Come meet your neighbors and help if you are able.  

The annual garage sale will be May 31, June 1 and 2.  The City Mission will come at the end of the three days to pick up unwanted items.

Louis asked if anyone wanted to be in charge of a 4th of July celebration.  

Louis asked for ideas from the members present.

There was a concern regarding the added traffic, especially trucks due to the new construction of homes which will be traveling on the streets specifically around the park area.  The board will look into signs to slow the traffic on those streets.  

Another concern was the boulders on the east side of the north pond.  Board will look into this concern. 
Another concern regarding pot holes in the streets was mentioned.  Louis said the HOA does not control street maintenance but would try to contact the city about this concern.  

The board thanks Trinity United Methodist Church for the use of their facility.  

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by:

John Morgan


Minutes of the Thompson Creek Home
Owners Association Board
October 12, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon.  Members present were:  Louis Lemon, Bruce Stephens, Kris Deffenbaugh, Laura Bell and John Morgan.

The things accomplished this last year in the Thompson Creek area were summarized.

Bids will be taken to remove trees in the common area south of the south pond.  

Bruce will contact NRD to see what can be done with the channel that runs behind the homes on Exbury and deposits into the south pond. 

No action will be taken on the covenants until Lincoln Federal approaches the board regarding building of fences.  

Stoneybrook Homes is building townhomes on the east side of Nashway Street.
Future dues were discussed.  Some costly items that need to be handled in the future include removal of trees in the common area south of the south pond and keeping the pond clean.  Unknown expenses may arise. 

Randy will install the snow fence in the same areas as last year.  

There was a discussion on the mowing of the area in the Caldwell Banker area.  Louis will investigate who does the mowing and who is paying for the mowing.  If there is something that needs to be done differently, Louis will draft a letter to charge Caldwell Banker dues. 

 Snow removal of the park sidewalks will be done by Randy.

John will take care of the park hoses for the winter.  

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:  John Morgan  

Minutes of the Thompson Creek Home Owners Association Board
July 13, 2011
The meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon. Members present were: Louis Lemon, Bruce Stephens, Kris Deffenbaugh, Whitney Bumgarner, Laura Bell, and John Morgan.
A discussion was held regarding the care of the ponds. Doug (from Campbell’s) takes care of the north half of the north pond, and informs the association when the pond is treated; so the same treatment can be applied to the south pond. Sam will continue to maintain the south pond.
Weeds are taking over the bank of the north side of Thompson Creek Boulevard near the north pond. Louis will contact Randy to see if he can mow this area.
The two culverts on the south pond will be fixed by Randy.
There are still six trees to be planted in the Thompson Creek area. Louis will contact Doug from Campbell’s regarding this matter.
Dead trees in the commons area south of the pond have been taken care of as per a previous contract. Bruce and Kris will identify the dead trees that need to be taken down and Hoffling will do this project this coming winter.
The newly planted trees have water bags installed around the base. The person who contracted to fill the bags with water does not have a large enough well to continue with this project and has asked to be released from the contract. After some discussion, it was agreed to release him from the contract.
Bruce moved to have Doug with Campbell’s finish the watering of the trees for the rest of the year. Motion seconded and voted on favorably.
Whitney moved to increase the mowing of the park to $75.00 which is $25.00 more than the present contract. This increase is due to the added trimming necessary with new trees. Motion seconded and voted on favorably.
Using organic fertilizer was discussed due to the algae problem on the pond.
A sign will be made showing the association web site information. The sign will be placed in several sites throughout Thompson Creek.
Meeting was adjourned.
Submitted by: John Morgan

APRIL 19, 2011
The meeting was held at Trinity Methodist Church. The meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon. 31 residents were present.
Glen Schmieding made a motion to accept the 2010 annual homeowner minutes. It was seconded by Don Hain. Motion carried.
Louis reported on the activities of the past year:
- Clarifying the covenants
- Consulting with Lincoln Federal regarding the covenants
- Acquiring the association’s own mail box
- Planting 40 trees.
- Placing snow fence in several areas
- Cleaning dead trees in the south pond area.
- Continuing maintenance of the common areas and the park area.
- Setting a regular time for board meetings. (second Wednesday of the month)
- Making certain the liability insurance policy is current
- Updating the web site :
Louis asked for suggestions for the HOA :
- Where to put the six extra trees that Campbell’s Nurseries provided at no extra cost. Louis reported that six trees were planted outside the HOA boundary. All in attendance understood the error. Mrs. Bumgarner suggested planting the trees on the southwest side of the north pond where perhaps a picnic area could be planned in the future. Another suggestion was a few more trees could be planted in the park area.
- Put in a dock by the south end of the north pond.
- A walk way around the south pond.
- Bike trails or paths in the future.
Concerns brought to the board:
- Fencing and the Town home lots. There is incorrect information being distributed. Please refer to the website to obtain the correct covenants for your property. (A follow up meeting between Louis and Lincoln Federal results in long term plans to amend the covenants to allow fences. It will require a vote of 2/3 of the owners of the Townhomes.)
- Problems with muskrats or beavers. Board will check to see if there is a problem.
- Up-keep of vacant lots. The owner of the lots is responsible for mowing. If it is not done, the city will have to be contacted.
- No sidewalk on north Kentwell between the two homes on the west side. Sidewalk will not be put in until someone builds a home.
- Remove some dead trees south of the south pond area. Board will discuss.
- Algae on the ponds. The board is working with Campbell’s on the north pond and putting pellets in the south pond to help solve the issue.
- Trash in the park. Someone (?) volunteered to help. John Morgan removed trash this month.
- Traffic problem at Kentwell and Thompson Creek intersection. It has been reported a number of times to the proper authorities, but nothing has been finalized.
Treasures report:
- $9315.00 In checking account
- $10,937.00 in a money market
- $24,400.00 dues collected
- $4,600 dues not collected
Discussion was held on dues not collected as of the April 19th. The consensus of the majority present was to file liens against these properties.
The Thompson Creek HOA garage sale will be the first week end in June. The event will be advertised.
Thompson Creek clean up day will be May 14th starting at 9:30 in the park with donuts and drinks. This is an opportunity to meet other residents in Thompson Creek. Trash bags will be provided.
Bruce Stephens provided a sign-up sheet for volunteers to water trees this summer. Bruce will have the sign-up sheet at the cleanup day, too.
Whitney Bumgarner and Jenny Cyboron volunteered to be new members on the board.
A big thank-you to Trinity United Methodist Church for the hospitality and allowing the HOA to meet at the facilities.
Submitted by:
John Morgan

MINUTES OF THE MARCH 9, 2010 (2011)
Meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon at 7:05 p.m.

Members present were: Laura Bell, Louis Lemon, Bruce Stevens, Dennis Lyon and John Morgan

Louis called Troy of Stonybrook Homes regarding the fence issue. DaNay has not heard from Rich Breedenkamp, or Leo of Lincoln Federal. The board assumes Lincoln Federal owns the properties where the new townhomes are being built on Kentwell.

Louis, Bruce and Laura reported on the properties that were being foreclosed on by March 1st. Letters were sent on February 28th to 23 property owners. Ten of those property owners have paid their dues. Four letters have been returned. The post office could not deliver because of the address or addressee. The Board members are developed a plan to contact these four Home Owners.

There was discussion regarding six of the newly planted trees being placed in areas outside of the association. Pending resolution of this issue, payment for these trees is being with held. The trees in question were planted on Big Thompson Creek and Lincoln Public Schools property. Bruce made a suggestion to call Big Thompson Creek board and LPS to inquire if they would pay for the trees that are planted on their property. A motion was made by Dennis to table the tree discussion until our next meeting. The motion was seconded by Louis. Motion passed.

Laura gave the board information from Jake on watering bladders to water the trees that are newly planted if the weather is to dry. A 20 gallon bladder is $20.99. Jake said it would take a man and a water truck 10 hours to water the new trees at $37.00 an hour. He felt the trees should be watered every 10 days. Pre-emergant fertilizer will be applied in April.

A discussion was held regarding maps to use at the HOA meeting on April 19th. Dennis and Louis will prepare the maps for the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Submitted by

John Morgan, Secretary

Minutes of the Thompson Creek Home Owners Association
January 12, 2011
At 7:00 the meeting was called to order by President Louis Lemon. Members present were: Louis Lemon, Laura Bell, Dennis Lyon, Bruce Stephens, Kris Deffenbaugh and John Morgan.
John Hansen, one of the Board of Members of the HOA will be moving to New Mexico in February so will not be able to serve the rest of the year.
A motion was made by John Morgan and seconded by Louis Lemon to accept the “Assignment of Owner Rights” written by DaNay our HOA lawyer. After some discussion the motion was passed by all members present. Louis will be sure the information in the “Assignment of Owner Rights” is registered and signed.
Dennis Lyons reported on the destroyed trees and other vegetation in the commons area. Dennis said no damage was done. It seemed to actually to clean up the area. Dennis also reported that the big dead trees in the commons are removed. There are still four stumps that are not removed. The Tree Guys will be paid only half of the contracted amount until all stumps are removed.
Many trees have been planted in various areas of the Thompson Creek area. The concern is in the spring the trees will need to be watered. Discussion was how the trees will be watered. Dennis will contact several companies that have water trucks to see what the cost would be to water the trees.
A motion was made by John Morgan and seconded by Kris Deffenbaugh to keep the annual HOA dues at $75.00 for Townhomes and $150.00 for single dwelling homes. Motion passed. Dennis Lyons will help Laura by verifying the addresses in the HOA. Kris and John have volunteered to help Laura in the mailing of the HOA bills. If back dues are not received in a timely manner as stated in the letter a lien will be put against the homeowners property.
The annual HOA meeting will be the third Tuesday of April. That date is April 19th. At the meeting three new board members will be elected.
The next meeting will be at the home of John Morgan. Discussion will include the covenants, watering trees and getting prepared for the annual meeting.
Submitted by:
John Morgan


Minutes of the Thompson Creek Home Owners Association
November 10, 2010
The board met at 7:00 at the home of Louis Lemon. Members present were: Louis Lemon, John Hansen, Laura Bell, Dennis Lyon, Bruce Stevens, and John Morgan.
Follow up discussion involving resolution of the HOA’s scope and authority continued. A letter is being drafted through our Attorney. The plan is to have Lincoln Federal assign all rights and responsibilities to the existing HOA Board. This will eliminate the need for creating separate boards for the Town Homes.
Brian Rettig resigned from the board.
The website has the covenants placed on it. More additions will be made as needed. This site has direct links to the blog spot, which is the primary website for the HOA. We are considering placing aerial photos of the subdivision that has the lots superimposed on it. This would allow home owners to have a better idea of the property boundries.
The snow fence is being installed. 250 feet will be put on Exbury, 200 feet on Thompson Creek Blvd and 100 feet on north side of Union Hill Drive.
The Campbell’s tree planting has commenced. The eventual results will have trees placed along much of the streets and around the collection pond at the 56th and ThompsonCreek Blvd. entrance. Dennis has a map showing where the trees are to be planted. Residents who want trees for their own property must contact Ryan at Campbell’s.
The removal of the standing dead trees in the commons area south of the south pond will start as soon as the pond in frozen over.
Letters will be sent to homeowners having property around the pond. The letter will include proper care of their property as well as proper care of the commons area south of the pond.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15
Submitted by,
John Morgan
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Mini Park

Stewardship of Park and Other Green Space

Holding Pond